HR Concerns on Your Mind?

Legal & Compliance

  • I'm worried about all the new HR laws
  • I received a letter about a complaint
  • I have no idea if I'm at risk

Compensation & Benefits

  • Am I paying market salaries?
  • Employees keep asking for more!
  • ACA Compliance is so expensive.

Hiring & Firing

  • I'm too reliant on one employee
  • I'm afraid to fire someone
  • I often don't hire the best people

Getting My Staff Engaged

  • How do I get more out of my staff?
  • Employee reviews are painful!
  • If I train employees, won't they leave?

Policies & Procedure

  • Does my handbook reflect the new laws?
  • Are job descriptions important?
  • I have no time to write HR policies

Strategic HR Support

  • How do I change my culture?
  • My employees aren't accountable
  • How do I deal with growth?