SevenStar HR™ Client Services

Fractional HR On and Off-Site Consulting for Any Industry

  • Have a large HR Department and need short-term help? We've worked with clients with thousands of employees for maternity leaves, illness leaves, open enrollment and other short-term projects
  • Small and need someone to call or just a few days on-site?  We have a program customized to your needs
  • Need a skilled HR person but don't want to pay a full-time salary?  We have a wide variety of clients using our team approach where we provide a seasoned HR  professional based on the client's needs

Need to Hire but Don't Want to Pay High Recruiter Fees?

  • We start by benchmarking your needs and the job requirements. We work until you get a hire that meets your requirements for about 1/3 of the cost of a recruiter
  • Need sales people? Need executives? Need technical people? Need administrative? We've helped our clients successfully hire many types of employees
  • Want to check out our hiring process?

Wonder if You're at Risk for HR Government Fines?

Whether you currently have an HR person, or none at all, we give business owners the peace of mind that they're complying with ever-changing government regulations. If you are at risk, we'll put a corrective plan in place

Training Helps Engage Your Employees and We Have Many Programs

  • Annual anti harassment and discrimination training - a business-protection requirement
  • Customer Service 
  • Next Generation Leadership 
  • How to interview & hire effectively
  • Communication - the root of most problems
  • Dealing with all generations
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) implications for managers
  • Paid Family Leave Act implementation and management
  • And More!

Need a Project? - Nothing is Too Small or Too Large

  • Company Handbooks
  • Job Descriptions 
  • Employee Termination Preparation and Completion
  • Employee File Review 
  • Payroll Change Over 
  • ACA Reporting 
  • Performance Management